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What We Do?

WormingUp is a youth-driven organization, advocate on Responsible Consumption and Production. We aim to raise awareness, & address environmental issues through green science and technology to ensure sustainability and promote environmental conservation.

Intern Benefits


Obtain useful job experience

Interns have the opportunity to develop specialised abilities in a certain field as well as transferable skills like communication, teamwork, and computer skills.


Explore Exciting Career Path

Our internship programme allows students to gain experience in their chosen field while also assisting them in determining whether or not the field is suited for them.


Develop your abilities.

With our help, you can learn a lot about your strengths and weaknesses. This internship provides guidance and feedback from supervisors and other experts in the field.


Boost your self-assurance

This internships allow you to put certain classroom techniques to the test before getting a job. It’s a chance to put what you’ve learned into practice in a safe environment where mistakes are expected, we will guide and fix the mistakes together.


Obtaining a job

We may decide to hire an intern at the end of the project in some situations. Even if a job offer isn’t made immediately away, an intern who creates a good impression may be offered later when a position becomes available.


Network with professionals

As an intern, you will be surrounded by industry professionals. Internships are about more than gaining credit, receiving a grade, or generating money; they’re also about learning from the people around you, asking questions, and impressing them.

Internship Opportunities In Kuching

We are looking for passionate interns to experience the insights of the working environment!

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